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Hello America!

Thanks to the dedication of the Team of States Coordinators,the many Various Veterans Groups,Organizations, MC's,RC's,and Supporters, of The 1st FreedomRide of 2010,the 2nd,3rd, 4th,5th,and 6th help provide Riders & Supporters throughout the Nation an opportunity to join this expression of gratitude in an act of unity,and in observance of this National day of remembrance.

Thousands will stand again during the 7th National Armed Forces FreedomRide May 21 2016 to observe Armed Forces Day,along with reminding Americans of the importance of remembering those who sacrificed their Freedom for us as Americans. Armed Forces Day is a day to honor every segment of the United States Military. Armed Forces Day is a day to fly a flag and to share as a family fond feelings for the powerful force that seeks to preserve peace in the world.

The purpose is to Honor Armed Forces Day,and to Salute all those in military,of the past,present,and those that still stand severing today, that have put their lives in danger for our Country,and and what they do everyday to protect the United States

Founder & National Coordinator

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